REDEEM: marriage – a Pastoral Reflection

by robertcheong on April 29, 2011

When you think of April 15, what comes to mind? Taxes! But April 15 2011 marked Sojourn’s first marriage event that kicked off with a candlelight dinner, not for two, but for over 200 hundred followed by an evening of teaching and talking heart-to-heart as couples.

Not only was I blessed as a pastor that God had brought all of the details together for this special event, but he also brought over 100 couples together to be reminded of how our God redeems our vision of marriage, our individual hearts, and our oneness as husbands and wives through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  To cap off the evening, couples where given almost 30 minutes in a quiet and private nook or cranny around the J-town campus. You might say, “What, 30 minutes is so short!” But every couple was so thankful for that intentional quiet time with each other. In most cases, the 30 minutes was more time than they have spent talking like this in a long, long time.

During this time, husbands and wives began to re-connect as couples, sharing intimate details of their hearts, encouraging one another, confessing ways in which they sinned against one another, and forgiving one another through the power of the cross. As Karen and I walked around to check out the couples during this “heart talk” time, we were so moved and blessed as we saw couples sitting face-to-face, some wives leaning into their husbands’ chest, some crying, some finding rest in the moment, and all praying together.

We all came back on Saturday morning to experience more teaching and heart talking as couples. The Spirit of God was very present throughout this marriage gathering, as he showed himself through the overall atmosphere of gospel encouragement and challenge.

If you didn”t have the chance to attend the Redeem: Marriage event, you and your spouse can download the teaching notes, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit and listen to each of the 4 sessions. Husbands, after each session, you can lead by intentionally working through the questions as a couple so that you can enjoy some “heart talk.” You will not regret it!  You can also download a “refrigerator card” that will remind you of a key point from each session, followed by a challenge question.

Pass this link along to other couples that you know would be encouraged and challenged by the gospel applied to marriage. Also, join us as we pray for the Lord to guide and lead us for future marriage gatherings at Sojourn.

May Jesus continue to redeem your vision, hearts, and oneness as a couple in Christ!

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