Step 2—Redemption Groups:

Redemption Groups (RG) can be equated to swimming in the deep end of the pool, where you apply what you learned in Gospel Basics to the struggles of life. In this step you experience the gospel in community as you see the depths of your sinfulness, the height of Christ’s love through the cross, and the power of the gospel to change you and others. You also see how your story fits into God’s story of redemption as you deal with suffering and sin.

The Redemption Group takes place in a one-week format that includes a short teaching time followed by a small group session with six participants and two co-leaders. In this intense gospel community, Sojourners will have a chance to pursue each others’ hearts with loving intentionality while applying the gospel to suffering and sin. The overall goal is to experience Jesus and his gospel in more personal and compelling ways and be changed by his redeeming love as a gospel community.

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